Why Choose
C. Thompson
Hot Shot
Delivery Services

The information provided below will justify why C. Thompson Hot Shot is more adequate for your transportation needs as opposed to other Delivery Services.

– We guarantee to meet or beat the price of any other carrier. If you provide us with your current contract, we will reassure savings to your company, making this our competitive advantage

– We are a Southern regional carrier. This allows our drivers to have familiarity with the tri-state highways and interstates; and it also means our drivers are less likely to be exhausted than long-haul carriers

– Each one of our trucks are equipped with Global Positioning Satellite Systems, which allows our drivers to have access to online maps, shorter routes, and a direct line to specific destinations, especially in case of a re-route or pick up

– Due to dedicated runs for personalize services; one on one contact to drivers will be available while all routes are in transit