We provide time sensitive, quick response, on time delivery, special handling, and our personalize Hot Shot services. Please feel free to contact us today C. Thompson Hot Shot Delivery Services P. O. Box 1388 Jackson, MS 39215. Phone: 601-540-7195  or email us at:  info@cthompsonhotshotdelivery.com


About The Company and History of the Company

C. Thompson Hot Shot Delivery Services was established in September 3, 2010 by Carlos Thompson Sr. As an optimistic ambitious driver for a local automotive parts dealer in 2008, he sought out to establish a reliable; economical; and safe delivery service. Starting with one cargo van and one contract, the company has had tremendous growth over the last two years.

We pride ourselves on customer service and care to guarantee a remarkable experience with our rapid, accurate deliveries. After other carriers have closed, we are available until 8:00 p.m. for delivery. Our cargo vans and trucks are inspected daily for automotive assurance to ensure safe travel for time sensitive deliveries, and are equipped with security systems to help protect customer’s merchandise from theft. Each of our vehicles is also furnished with Global Positioning Systems to ensure our drivers are always capable of finding their way.


C. Thompson Hot Shot can provide personalized services to meet various delivery needs. We devise a plan of action specifically for your company’s delivery needs. In the past, you may have experienced late deliveries; conjunction deliveries of competitive products; and or losses of freight due to negligent carriers and carrier services.

C. Thompson Hot Shot maintains the sizes and configurations of transportation for your daily needs.


When your company receives an order for shipping, you should not worry if the delivery service can meet its demands. C. Thompson Hot Shot can complete the routes assigned and ensure the packages are delivered on time, safely, in the same condition from which they were dispersed. Cargo vans are available to travel until all deliveries have been exhausted. This will ensure you receive deliveries during your hours of operation. C. Thompson Hot Shot will also cater to emergency deliveries needed after hours of operation until 8:00 p.m.


When there is an order for an item too large to transport by cargo van, we will have an associate assist with the loading and unloading of this item(s) onto the straight truck to guarantee its protection from the weather, theft, and damages from other products during passage.

Choose C. Thompson Hot Shot Delivery Services

The information provided below will justify why C. Thompson Hot Shot is more adequate for your transportation needs as opposed to other Delivery Services.

We guarantee to meet or beat the price of any other carrier. If you provide us with your current contract, we will reassure savings to your company, making this our competitive advantage

- We are a Southern regional carrier. This allows our drivers to have familiarity with the tri-state highways and interstates; and it also means our drivers are less likely to be exhausted than long-haul carriers

- Each one of our trucks are equipped with Global Positioning Satellite Systems, which allows our drivers to have access to online maps, shorter routes, and a direct line to specific destinations, especially in case of a re-route or pick up

- Due to dedicated runs for personalize services; one on one contact to drivers will be available while all routes are in transit



Because we at C. Thompson Hot Shot believe in eliminating the competitors, we are underpriced within this economy to ensure our customer’s don’t suffer with the increasing gas cost. Therefore, we have established a Fuel Surcharge Program within reasonable accommodations for all clients. FSP is based on the price per gallon of fuel on the 10th of every month, which is also the time at which we invoice our clients. The fuel price is based on the Regular/Diesel price per gallon as listed on the AAA website for your metro area. The rate starts at $2.61 at which 1 % of the contract amount is accessed. As the rate increases by .10 cents, the contract payment amount increases by 1%, as exemplified below:

C. Thompson Hot Shot Delivery Services
P. O. Box 1388 Jackson, MS 39215
Phone: 601-540-7195